Green Pineapple – Where Did THAT Name Come From?

Most people know that the story of the pineapple in America and Western Europe begins when Christopher Columbus introduced the pineapple to Spain as one of the exotic fruits from the New World. Pineapples, with there beautiful shape, color and intense sweetness, were favored by the ruling class as both part of the décor and part of the menu at extravagant banquets.

Later, the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality and welcome as seafaring families would spear a pineapple for good luck and affix it to their their front door in order to invite passing neighbors over while they waited for the safe return of the sea captains and their crews – together.

The pineapple became much more than a symbol of good luck or a sign of welcome for me a year ago after I was treated for cancer.

The day after my cancer surgery, I noticed that there was a pineapple with a note adorning my front door step. I have no idea who left the marvelous fruit, but the note said, “I am so sad that an illness attacked you like this, but I know you will fight. I know you will win. Much love and hope to you, Amy!”

From then on, that pineapple became my symbol of hope. And celebration. And nutrients. I made pineapple pizza, pineapple desserts, pineapple sauces, and pineapple drinks. That pineapple and what it stood for helped me through my darkest hour and helped me through my pain.

Now that I am in recovery from cancer and have the privilege of being in the best business in the world (helping people sell their homes and live their dreams), I knew I had to name it after the one thing that carried me through the hard times – The Green Pineapple.


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Why Buyers Choose Me

Buying a home can present many challenges. Make Sure Your REALTOR® is a Top Local Expert.

Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, and it involves many decisions that go beyond simply choosing the one that you like.

As a top producing professional team in the San Antonio Area, we are able to guide you through the entire process, from financing to viewing homes, inspections to closing.

Why Sellers Choose Me

I can help you realize the potential in the sale of your home.

Making the decision to sell is just the beginning of this thrilling experience you have decided to take. “How much should I list for?” “How long will it take to find the right buyer?” “What if no one offers what I think the home is worth?” All of these questions may pass through your mind at one time or another, and that is why I am here.


Amy Allen was amazing. It was our first time selling a home and she made it as smooth as possible. People say selling your house is stressful and we did not have that. She kept my husband and I up to date and explained everything with patience. Wonderful experience.

M. Hernandez

Amy is the best realtor that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her wonderful personality makes it a joy to converse with and just be around. All you need to do is let her do what she does best and things will work out for you and your home. Amy, you’re awesome. Thank you!

 D. Snader